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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool have been very much in demand these days. They are mainly being used to conveniently convert dynamic URL's into search engine friendly hyperlinks. As they tend to look friendlier to end-users, these search engine friendly hyperlinks usually score better in search engines thus help to attract more visitors to your website. These tool basically works by replacing the URL of a dynamic web page with that of an index page of a static website. Since dynamic web pages are usually not search engine friendly, it is very important that these tools are utilized to effectively bypass all such web pages and direct the user directly to the index page of the static website.


Nowadays many online service providers offer this URL rewriting tool that is capable of efficiently bypassing all sorts of dynamic web pages and automatically replacing them with search engine friendly static urls. This is the main reason behind this URL rewriting tool becoming so popular these days among the internet marketers. They are able to easily generate quality back links for their websites with the help of this simple tool. The quality and volume of back links created through this tool definitely helps the online marketers to achieve top search engine rankings.


To create search engine friendly dynamic urls, you need to create hyperlinks out of simple text files instead of HTML codes. You can do so by using a program like Microsoft Word or other word processors that allows you to create documents containing text instead of HTML codes. By creating search engine friendly hyperlinks from these simple text files instead of HTML codes, you are able to create more dynamic urls without any difficulty whatsoever. It is recommended that you create more than a single set of dynamic urls in order to be able to bypass all kinds of static urls and obtain free traffic for your website.