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A Link Analyzer is one of the more in-demand tools available for SEO campaigns. In a nutshell, the Link Analyzer Tool analyzes and rates the relevance of any given URL. This tool can give the exact URLs, anchor texts, nofollow info and more for each link on a website. All of those links are associated with the same domain (the site that you're working on), and thus are considered an internal link on your site. Link Analyzers give this information instantly, making it possible to analyze each link without having to read through thousands of web pages.


The first step to using an SEO link analyzer tool is to find an appropriate URL analysis application to use. There are a variety of programs available at link analyzer tools for free or for a price. The fee-based programs are generally more comprehensive, but it's up to you to decide how much you want to spend. With either option, there are many third-party applications out there that offer the exact same functionality for much less money. If you're looking to analyze the number of inbound and outgoing links on your site, or just want to browse a list of all the internal and external links on your domain, you'll definitely want to consider a no-cost link analyzer tool. If you're looking for a link analyzer tool to research domain trends, you may also be interested in the subscription option that allows unlimited downloads over the course of a year.


In addition to providing you with the IP address, domain names and link analysis, most no-cost link analyzer tools offer a detailed report about the behavior of the search engines. You'll be able to determine which anchor text keywords are being used, how websites are indexed, how sites are banned from certain search engines and the exact number of internal and external links that are linking to each page on your website. If you have a particular domain name or a particular niche, you'll want to look into the available no-cost domain name checkers. These tools are especially helpful for those who own multiple domains, have purchased websites that don't achieve the goal they had in mind, or have recently switched hosting providers. There is really no limit to the amount of information you can gather with an analytical tool like this.