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About Suspicious Domain Checker

Suspicious Domain Checker (SDC) is an online malware protection tool that helps in detecting and removing various types of spyware, adware, Trojans and other threats from your computer. It is an advanced malware scanner that helps in quickly determining if a website is malicious or safe. SDC helps you determine not only if there is a threat to your PC, but also to ensure that the threat is not getting worse. In addition, SDC also checks for additional malicious scripts and codes. If found, then you may need to remove the scripts manually.


A S Suspicious Domain Checker scans different files and websites to reveal all types of information about their current status including the infection level, number of infections, operating system and other critical details. It also compares the current status with the known directories and IP addresses in order to determine if the website is safe or malicious. If the current status is suspicious, then the user has the option to either quarantine or erase the website. With the latest version 4.2, users can now also see the real time source from which the malicious codes came from.


The S Suspicious Domain Checker provides an easy way to determine if a website is safe or malicious. Compared to free scanner tools, this one offers much more detailed information. This includes information such as the actual infection level, the highest infection rate as well as the latest available versions. Users can either choose to quarantine the website or erase it, depending on the level of risk. Users can also see the real time source from which the malicious codes came from.