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About Word Counter

The word counter is an instrument used to count words in a passage of text or a document. Word counter can be required when a lengthy text needs to remain within certain limits of words. This can especially be the case in academic, legal, literary and marketing applications. Word counters measure words by their locations in the text, their frequency and the meaning attributed to them. A word counter can measure the number of times a word appears, how often it is repeated and where it appears in the text.


In English, most writing employs the use of commas, periods, question marks and quotation marks. In many scientific and medical texts, it is important to count the number and density of these characters because these characters have specific significance in identifying a word. Using a word counter enables authors to record the frequency with which specific characters appear and to identify the inherent meanings of the many words in the text. For instance, in a scientific research paper, authors may record the density of each character as well as the frequency with which the characters appear in the text; they can then assess the statistical significance of this data.


A word counter records the number and density of characters used in each written passage, paragraph or essay. As such, this instrument can prove to be extremely useful in various fields of study. It not only counts the words used throughout a written document but it can also determine the frequency with which the characters appear in the text. It is primarily of use to writers who need to maintain track of the number and density of the many words used in their texts. Word counters, thus, enable authors to record the frequency with which certain characters appear in their written works.